e-business plugins and connectors

using plugin and connector development services

by providing them with higher business value through versatile plugins

by integrating your product with leading e-business systems

by enabling navigation from a familiar interface

by entrusting third-party integration projects to a reliable partner

by increasing reusability of components across different integrations

Successfully implemented e-business system integrations

During the past decade, our team of engineers has been working on the development, customization, integration and maintenance of a variety of e-business applications. Using specific knowledge and experience, our specialized integration team has developed a large number of plugins and connectors for hundreds of e-business systems.

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If you do not see a particular system or a category of your interest in the list, do not worry. The above list of integrated systems is simply a non-exhaustive exemplary list. Regardless of the target pair or set of systems, our team is able to perform an initial feasibility study. If the integration is feasible, the subsequent detailed analysis will result in a comprehensive integration plan.

Our Approach

We act as your strategic partner through all the stages of the integration development cycle. Learn more about our sophisticated approach to a worthwhile integration development partnership.



Our experts guide you through the discovery stage of your third-party integration project, identifying your specific business objectives and drafting features and user experience to be provided within the context of your integration strategy.



Our team performs a detailed business and technical analysis of a specific integration request. Vast number of parameters related to future integration are checked and validated. A comprehensive integration project plan is developed and revised with your business and technical decision makers.



Based on the analysis, we design an optimal solution for single or multiple integrations. The output of the design stage comprises the architecture design and UX/UI design documents with relevant diagrams, mockups and other information or representations needed for smooth software implementation.



The deliverables from previous stages provide clear instructions for our engineering team to make relevant technical decisions, draft the implementation plan and implement the integration software in line with our coding standard and general industry standards.


Quality Assurance

The integration software is being rigorously tested according to the test plan developed beforehand, to ensure high quality and performance.


Publishing / Deployment

We have experience with preparing a plugin or connector for publishing on a target app store or marketplace, or deploying an integration software in complex enterprise environment.


Maintenance & Support

Third party systems’ data structures and APIs are constantly being changed and updated. Therefore, it is important to keep track of changes and expeditiously undertake the steps necessary to maintain existing integrations always up-to-date and running.

Single partner managing all third-party integrations

Single partner managing all third-party integrations

Managing multiple integration partners can be a costly and draining endeavor. By choosing the right strategic integration partner, your organization may benefit in terms of minimizing communication effort, lowering project budget and achieving synergy of your in-house team and external system integration experts.

You may stay on top of the game with all your simultaneously running integration projects by accessing accurate and timely status information through centralized communication platform. All data and key indicators in line with integration projects (roadmaps, project plans, status reports, timesheets and other details) are instantly available through one-stop communication platform and a single dedicated contact person.

Established process of building seamless third-party integrations

Established process of building seamless third-party integrations

Our Integration Building Process draws on cumulative experience of our team in managing diverse software engineering and system engineering projects. The process standardizes each step of the integration software lifecycle and includes the following sub-processes:

  • Communication modelling
  • Requirement gathering and related consulting activities
  • Analysis of relevant information about the target system through our internal knowledge base
  • Integration project planning and management
  • Software development and QA process
  • Technical and user documentation
  • Publishing process
  • Second and third level support process
  • Maintenance procedures
Architecture design supporting multiple integrations with the common core

Architecture design supporting multiple integrations with the common core

Thorough analysis of the integration requirements and both source and target systems, enables us to make critical decisions when it comes to integration architecture design. We sustain the principle that the architecture design must empower all of the following aspects of an integration:

  • High performance
  • High reliability
  • Maximum reusability of components across different integrations
  • Uniform code structure
  • Efficient extensibility
  • Timely and effective support operations
  • Significant reduction of total cost of ownership for a group of integrations
Regularly updated knowledge base and techie network

Regularly updated knowledge base and techie network

System and API documentation accessible via vendors’ and platforms’ websites is crucial, but it oftentimes does not provide all the necessary technical information. Many questions are to be asked and lots of time spent awaiting proper response to enable an informed engineering decision.

For that reason, we nurture long-lasting vital relationships and regular interactions within a large network of technical go-to persons. These interactions allow us to obtain timely (and even pre-launch) information and keep our knowledge base up-to date. The knowledge base is accessed by our team members to support their activities through every stage of the integration lifecycle.


We systematically build lasting partnerships. That approach brought us a pool of satisfied partners and numerous successfully implemented projects.

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